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Job Description & Requirements
Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP)
Job Code: REF/HRS/SRF/19-0232   |   Date Posted: 16/07/2019   |   Expiry Date: 29/02/2020   |   Location: Abu Dhabi
Reports directly to the concerned aircraft Supervisor and the concerned aircraft Team Lead when required on all related the concerned aircraft 2nd line maintenance operations within the section. Carries out directives from the concerned aircraft Supervisor and the concerned aircraft Team Lead when required. Assists the maintenance supervisor in the section with all material and maintenance planning for the concerned aircraft 2nd line activities within the section. Responsible for conducting acceptance flights, pre and post-phase MTF’s of the concerned aircraft’s is being inducted for AVIM maintenance.

Will also be responsible to:

1. Must ensure that all aircraft inspection procedures, maintenance practices, standards, and records comply with the relevant regulations.

2. Performs as MTP on the concerned aircraft and serves as aircraft commander in accomplishing maintenance test flights, acceptance flights, and support missions as prescribed by customer requirements.

3. Obtains briefing information on purpose of flight test, weather, operation procedures, intelligence, and special instructions. Prepare flight plans considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, aircraft, crew capabilities, threats, operational and training requirements and flight procedures.

4. Ensuring that all the concerned aircraft's are being maintained to airworthiness standards prescribed by applicable regulations, technical manuals, airworthiness directives, and good maintenance practices. Assists in all logistical procurement issues related to 2nd line maintenance.

5. Ensures the aircraft is pre-flight inspected, loaded, equipped, and manned for mission. Inspect engines, fuselage, and control surfaces for mechanical and structural soundness. Inspect and test mission equipment for proper operation. Ensures that weight and balance is correct, fuel supply is adequate, and survival and rescue equipment is properly stowed.

6. Brief crew members and non-crew members on safety, emergency procedures, and scope of mission. Pilot aircraft and command crew to accomplish assigned mission. Perform prescribed test maneuvers, instrument readings, and records results and test specifications as prescribed by the contract or customer requirements.
7. Test both normal and emergency functions of systems. Coordinate and direct flight phases of test or support missions with other aircraft. Maintain flight records and report observations made during mission. Conduct and supervise training of crew members. Instruct local national co-pilots in operation and techniques of maintenance test flying. Orient and brief crew members and non-crew members on duties and responsibilities, flight operation, and mission profile.

8. Maintain proficiency and current requirements and perform check rides and support flight for proficiency effectiveness. Provide detailed and effective communications with ground maintenance personnel, the concerned aircraft Team Lead, and the 2nd line maintenance manager on results of test or acceptance flights. Determine need to re-fly or fix-and-sell on deficiencies noted in flights.

9. During non-flight periods is capable of and performs limited duties of technical inspector, inspecting maintenance, and modification actions on assigned aircraft.

10. Must be able to work flexible hours as deemed by the concerned aircraft Team Lead and the 2nd line maintenance manager.
No Restriction
- High school graduate, BA or BS preferred. Graduate of AMOC Phase I course and The Concerned Aircraft MTPC (AMOC Phase II) or equivalent required with 1000 hours first pilot time and 300 hours in MDS.

- Must have current or have ability to pass and maintain FAA or US ARMY equivalent class II flight physical. Must be able to pass hands-on flight evaluation.
- Three years’ experience within the last five years piloting the concerned aircraft. Factory training in aircraft model to be flown or other combination of experience and education that meet the requirements may be substituted.

- Must have experience in maintenance and material planning.
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