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Job Description & Requirements
Technical Inspector - Quality Control & Engineering
Job Code: REF/HRS/SRF/18-0217   |   Date Posted: 25/09/2018   |   Expiry Date: 31/12/2018   |   Location: Abu Dhabi
Technical Inspector is a technical expert for assigned aircraft and responsible for clearing all the critical (Grounding-X, Circled-X) unscheduled and scheduled maintenance actions on assigned aircraft. Technical Inspector is responsible for the daily “by the book” maintenance of all relevant aircraft and the proper completion of aircraft daily maintenance and historical records. TI is required to become expert on TAMMS-(A) program and will complete all the On the Job (OJT) training during transfer of relevant aircraft historical records to TAMMS-(A). Will also be responsible to: 1. Inspect aircraft, parts/components and materials in accordance with proper procedures, methods, practices of operations and safety. 2. Review and audits technical records that support airworthiness of all aircraft, aircraft parts/components in accordance with DA Pamphlet 738-751 and TM 1-1500-328-23 and other applicable publications. 3. Research technical data and performs inspections on assigned aircraft, components and back shop repair/overhaul, both AVUM/ AVIM maintenance level. Complete inspections in accordance with applicable aircraft /component maintenance manuals. 4. Perform inspection of aircraft and components during their removal, disassembly, assembly, installation and adjustment phases of incorporation onto an aircraft. Ensures the workmanship and materials conform to the aircraft manufacturers specifications and required maintenance manual procedures. 5. Ensure that all Work-In-Progress is properly documented and that corrective actions used will be recorded in accordance with TAMMS-(A) requirements. 6. Responsible for all the proper aircraft historical record updates, resulting in no over flights of the component TBO, overhaul or retirement schedule. 7. Responsible for the timely and accurate execution of all SB’s, ASAM’s and Safety of Flight messages. 8. Responsible for the submission of the Product Quality Deficiency Reports when required and for the Quality Control assistance during all the aircraft incidents and accidents. 9. Responsible for the proper Quality Control oversight of all aircraft modifications for the relevant aircraft. 10. Responsible for the transfer of all the current aircraft records to the TAMMS-(A). 11. Test tightness of airframe connections with hand tools and utilizes flashlight and mirror to inspect fit of parts. 12. Determine accuracy of installation of aircraft components in using protractor, micrometer, calipers, and gauges to ensure that specified tolerances are met. 13. Perform duties of Quality & Engineering Supervisor (Q&E) in his absence, and any other duty appointed by his superiors. 14. Perform Scheduled facility audits for safety and policy compliance. 15. Perform QC duties away from base on temporary duty. 16. Report any irregularities in daily standard practices used that would cause injury to personnel or deems the aircraft unsafe or non-airworthy and advises Q&E Supervisor in the evaluation of maintenance actions performed. 17. Comply with all the companys SOP. 18. Review aircraft records to determine discrepancy trends and specific problem areas. 19. Prepare necessary correspondence, technical reports, contract documents and status reports as per customer requirements. 20. Monitor and evaluate the aircraft equipment and components, maintenance processes and usage to determine root causes of failures and, based on findings, recommend relevant procedural changes, processing and usage limitation.
No Restriction
- Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (A&P License ) - AS / AA degree in aviation related studies preferred.
- 8 Years experience on the aviation field as A&P Mechanic - Both AVUM and AVIM level TI experience preferred. - Fixed wing and/or rotary wing quality control experience as required for the position applied is preferred. - Aviation Unit Maintenance (AVUM). Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AVIM). - Quality Control experience on aircraft modifications preferred. - Extensive TAMMS-(A) experience preferred. Qualified Safety NCO preferred.
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