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Job Description & Requirements
Instructor - General Aviation
Job Code: REF/HRS/SRF/18-0024   |   Date Posted: 06/02/2018   |   Expiry Date: 27/04/2018   |   Location: Sweihan (SWHN)
The instructor is responsible for developing the skills of trainees that have little or no knowledge of the subject matter being trained. This will be achieved by developing programs of instruction (POI) that are based on a tasks, conditions, and standards, conducting platform instruction, conducting evaluations, providing additional training when required, and maintaining records of training activities.

Will also be responsible to:

1. Prepare program syllabus detailing courses to be instructed.

2. Prepare student assessment to determine level of competence/qualifications.

3. Prepare classes in support of syllabus utilizing a task, condition, and standard system. Classes should be constructed so that training can be tailored for students with varying degrees of subject matter knowledge.

4. Conduct platform instruction. Classes should be presented in such a fashion that learning is progressive, informative, and enjoyable.

5. Maintain classroom discipline.

6. Perform intermediate evaluations to determine if learning is taking place. This evaluation should be documented for reporting and accountability purposes and for determining any trends in those areas where obstacles to training exist.

7. Perform subject area evaluation to determine that learning of subject material took place. These evaluations should include material from previous subject areas so that retention of material is maintained.

8. Perform comprehensive evaluation of course material. This examination should cover all material presented to the students over the period of training and should demonstrate to the student and customer the level/quality of learning that has taken place.

9. Generate and maintain student academic records. These records should be constructed in such a way that all subject area instruction and subsequent evaluations are recorded. Records should be secured in a container that can be locked for confidentiality purposes.
No Restriction
- Instructors will be certified as instructors through commercial/civilian/military agencies/organizations.
- Instructor will have no less than 10 years of experience, in the subject matter to be taught.
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