Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC (GAL) is an Emirati company focused on creating a balanced, expert workforce, specializing in aviation services, for the UAE.

One of GAL’s principal strategies is the development of a skilled local work force through Emiratization. Emiratization is the process that involves the attraction, development and retention of UAE Nationals as GAL employees. As a result, it is incumbent upon GAL to provide good sustainable opportunities for employment that provide a good work environment that adheres to the cultural norms of the UAE and includes professional development, training & education, and career advancement for each and every employee.

Emiratization is also important to our customers and GAL adheres to specific contract requirements for staffing of a UAE National employee base, but we also intend to strategically increase the number of UAE Nationals over time using a transparent approach to make sure that Expatriates (Expats) as well as Nationals have a clear understanding of their respective career paths. This ensures that UAE Nationals have the support and ability to be successful while they learn and become proficient at their jobs, and GAL can maintain the high quality and professional levels of service and support that our customers require. Through GAL each UAE National should have a visibly structured career path, mapped to a specific salary structure. External recruitment is used to supplement the workforce to the established levels for current work and subsequent training.

The GAL Emiratization policy aims to transfer skills and knowledge from Expats to UAE Nationals and this transfer of technology and skills is our major strategy to increase the numbers of UAE Nationals working for GAL.

Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC (GAL) actively creates opportunities for UAE citizens to gain unprecedented experience in careers in the aerospace industry or in the UAE Armed Forces and highlights our commitment to Emiratization and strengthening the UAE’s defence industry.

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» GAL supports more than 200 Aircraft on behalf of its customers.

» GAL employs over 2700 personnel at several locations across the UAE.

» GAL was awarded (2013) the GCC Labour Ministers Council Award for excellence in the field of nationalisation; a total of more than eight hundred Emiratis work at the company.

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